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Credits to Royal Club Official page and to Poccoyo Photography for the photos above.

I’ve got nothing to do tonight so I found myself drafting a post so that you guys can peek at how this dude’s life has been since his last post appeared on your readers feeds some twenty years ago, not sure if you even noticed but here I go. I’ve been busy going to the clubs. I don’t mean football club or baseball club or whatever club but I mean club. Yes. Nightclubs. I am married and have a kid and you’re about to frown right? But hold it, I’m not in the clubs on random Fridays to splurge on expensive bottles of Tequila, I don’t like Tequila, I’d go for a shot or two of JD or Belvedere vodka in coke or soda water, but even so, I’m not gonna spend this much and I don’t, and why would I? Because I decided to bring my occasional clubbing into an enterprising level and jumped into promoting clubs. You read it right I am a Banker by day and just very recently, a Club Promoter by night.

More than the pressure, being a Club Promoter offers a lot of perks, you get to meet a lot of different types of people and make new friends and the coolest part of promoting a club? It’s like you’re being paid just to party. Awesome, aye? So what does a Club Promoter exactly do? You ask. Well from the word itself, a Club Promoter is responsible in promoting the club and it doesn’t just mean advertising the club that he promotes using his social media accounts or telling his friends “Hey this club is awesome you should come check it out,” no it’s way more than that-it’s bringing actual clubbers into the party venue and hopefully, make them spend because that’s obviously how the club earns. But what if they don’t? No prob, they will probably come back and tag their friends who may also spend a little if not a fortune, a penny is a penny to club owners as it is for every business-every single drop counts, keep in mind though, that the prices of alcohol inside the clubs are really expensive, and that is an understatement. However, it is not just always the affluent, the rich and the famous who are the target market of luxurious clubs, they also attract beautiful people, and when I said beautiful, I mean it in the very real sense of the word like B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Remember the “Golden Ratio” which states that the distance from the eyes to the lips in relation to that of the hairline to chin should have a ratio of 36% for one to be considered attractive? But no we’re not gonna go through all that and no you do not have to meet that. You do not need to have a perfect symmetrical face like Angelina Jollie’s to be considered beautiful, and no the clubs will not deny you access to the club based on this either, not in a thousand years. To go back to square one, beautiful people are always welcome to the clubs because they attract more clubbers. People flock to one club more than the other club because of the “crowd.”

I used to go to bars and clubs once in a while and I know how important it is to have connection inside the clubs, well, monetary wise, especially if you want to have a taste of premiere clubbing experience in one of the hottest upscale clubs in the metro but is hesitant due to the ridiculously expensive door charge because luxury clubs impose door charges like daylight robbery especially on Friday and Saturday nights which is just reasonable because the moment you entered the club, you will realize that luxury and glamour are spelled all over inside the place-from the types of people partying to the mesmerizing lights and to the club’s complete vibe as a whole. Door charges vary from club to club and depending on the night of the week, which may range from around 500Php to 1000Php usually with complementary drinks, and this is where the Club Promoter comes into the picture. Every club hires Promoters and every Club Promoter has his own name under the club’s Guestlist. A Guestlist is the club’s list of clubbers who are expected to show up for the party, under a Club Promoter’s name are the names of the guests that he invited to party for the particular event which are usually confirmed before the day of the party or before the club opens on the actual night of the party and when you’re on the Guestlist, the bucks you need to pay to enter the club (otherwise known as Door Charge, Cover Charge, Club Access Fee or simply Entrance Fee) is yours to keep-thanks to the Club Promoter who you met at a party the other night or thank me if you plan to party to any of the clubs that I promote (Royal Club Makati, Prive, Valkyrie and The Palace Pool Club) because I can put you on the guestlist 🙂 At the moment though, I concentrate in promoting Royal Club Makati until I establish a solid network of clubbers who love to party (see club reviews here Royal Club Makati) though I have senior Club Promoters from the other clubs listed above who I co-promote. I am still a Protegee you see. Partying at Royal Club Makati is fun-filled guaranteed. I am co-hosting this club on Friday nights “only,” which can change anytime soon-because I have a full-time job and I am not a superhero. So if you’re just in the metro and wants to check the place out, let’s chill out together.  But before that, let me leave the computer keyboard alone and sterilize my little monkey’s feeding bottles so that I can go to bed and tuck myself in 🙂

Published by: Miggy Neutron

I am Miggy Neutron. In my head are more than one hundred billion brain cells just as much as yours. Hidden in some of these cells are my unspoken hopes, dreams, sentiments, fears, curiousity and thousands of few more unnamed ones sleeping in the center of my subconcious mind which I hope to name before I leave this existence- some, if not all. I once wondered how big my head would have swollen up to if every single one of these thoughts are matchboxes-thus born my pen name Miggy Neutron (inspired by Jimmy Neutron). And why not matchboxes? I love watching cartoons and animes as an adult and I don’t feel an ounce of guilt from it because that is my alter universe. I missed Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Lab, the original Powerpuff Girls and the evil heart of Mojo Jojo. I love watching The Amazing World of Gumball too because I think life in Elmore is very interesting. Though I don’t really like cats as much as I adore Gumball Watterson and his mom Nicole. If you want to see my eyes spark, talk to me about the galaxies, outerspace, the stars, the planets, the massive blackholes and anything from the universe to infinity and beyond. Yes, I am a weirdo sometimes but I also step into noisy bars, party like Jay Gatsby enjoy drinks and get more sober with shots of whiskey. You can stand beside me and talk about how some saturated carbon atoms bind with other elements and how it gets a stranger to come to talk to another stranger against the loud bass in the middle of the crowd. And you will not regret that you did. I am a professional Teacher by accident, a Banker by profession, a seasonal skater because I want to surf recklessly sometimes from where I get a little taste of freedom, and by heart, I am a true-blooded Gemini, not to justify my double sided personality. In a nutshell, I am just like you, and just like everybody else-someone who was born trying to live life and hoping to leave a small mark in the end. And of the billion people born and yet to be born, my fingerprint and yours cannot be duplicated, not even by super Science, and by this I would like to tell you that just like me, you are special. You are special in your own ways and that is the reason why you do matter. You do matter a lot inside this small blue dot called Earth.

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21 thoughts on “Clubber Blogger”

  1. I don’t like Tequila either, I’d rather go for a shot or two of vodka, with cranberry….

    broooooooooooooooooo long time no write…mustasa and night life ha ha ha

    1. Hey bruuuuuuuu..haha, It’s been a while, I know. haha. We don’t like Tequila, we’d rather go for a shot or two of Vodka with the Russians, oh, with cranberry too. Haha. imy tho! 😥

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