I am Miggy Neutron.

In my head are more than one hundred billion brain cells just as much as yours.

Hidden in some of these cells are my unspoken hopes, dreams, sentiments, fears, curiousity and thousands of few more unnamed ones sleeping in the center of my subconcious mind which I hope to name before I leave this existence- some, if not all.

I once wondered how big my head would have swollen up to if every single one of these thoughts are matchboxes-thus born my pen name Miggy Neutron (inspired by Jimmy Neutron). And why not matchboxes?

I love watching cartoons and animes as an adult and I don’t feel an ounce of guilt from it because that is ny alter universe. I missed Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Lab, the original Powerpuff Girls and the evil heart of Mojo Jojo. I love watching The Amazing World of Gumball too because I think life in Elmore is very interesting. Though I don’t really like cats as much as I adore Gumball Watterson and his mom Nicole.

If you want to see my eyes spark, talk to me about the galaxies, outerspace, the stars, the planets, the massive blackholes and anything from the universe to infinity and beyond. Yes, I am a weirdo sometimes but I also step into noisy bars, party like Jay Gatsby enjoy drinks and get more sober with shots of whiskey. You can stand beside me and talk about how some saturated carbon atoms bind with other elements and how it gets a stranger to come to talk to another stranger against the loud bass in the middle if the crowd. And you will not regret that you did.

I am a professional Teacher by accident, a Banker by profession, a seasonal skater because I want to surf recklessly sometimes from where I get a little taste of freedom, and by heart, I am a true-blooded Gemini, not to justify my double sided personality.

In a nutshell, I am just like you, and just like everybody else-someone who was born trying to live life and hoping to leave a small mark in the end. And of the billion people born and yet to be born, my fingerprint and yours cannot be duplicated, not even by super Science, and by this I would like to tell you that just like me, you are special. You are special in your own ways and that is the reason why you do matter. You do matter a lot inside this small blue dot called Earth.

19 thoughts on “About”

    1. OMG hindi mo siya kilala. Isa sa mga forever crush ko…vocalist ng Chicosci ha ha ha ha

      Buti na lang talaga may picture ka na hahahaha kundi ay forever ako magiilusyon na ikaw si Miggy Chavez hahahahaha

      1. Ohh. haha. I know Chicosci as a band pero now I know who Miggy Chavez is (facepalm) haha. No I am not Miggy Chavez and yes I sound like him-when sneezing maybe. Hahaha. Di ko pa magawa yung ini-link mo coz parang wala akong kilalang noob dito na pwede ko i-tag and di ko alam kung pano mag-link ng page hahaha. hulllpppp!

      2. ha ha ha….ok at least…all clear who’s Miggy N and Miggy C LOL

        If you don’t have other bloggers to tag yet, usually sinasagutan na lang yung mga tanong ha ha ha…and yung paglilink naman…omg..how do I explain LOL

      3. Ok, thank you for modifying my assignment to my favor, haha. Cge.cge, I’ll do it later. You can explain and I am a visual person so..haha. Sakit ko sa ulo no? haha. Miggy N sounds good.

      4. ha ha ha….you can always do it whenever you want LOL walang deadline

        so, about the link…..pag may word ka na gusto mong lagyan ng link, you highlight that word, then you copy the link. then dun sa tool bar, katabi nung mga alignment options, may dalawang tool na mukhang chain dalawa yun, yung isa ‘insert/edit link’, yung isa ‘remove link’. click mo of course yung insert/edit link then paste mo yung url then enter or click mo yung mukhang arrow sa gilid.

        additional task, ha ha, sa tabi nung parang arrow, may link options, always tick the box that says ‘Open link in a new tab’

        ha ha ha try and let me know if you have further clarifications ha ha

  1. Bow. wowow. 😀 Thanks for stopping by anyway! (I’ll try to guess. You’re a literature teacher) HAHAHA

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