Gray Horizon

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My mother was and still is my mighty fortress and my father will always be a hero. When I was a little boy, I look at my father with the same amount of respect and admiration as the goodhearted and mighty heroes who fought for the oppressed against the villains from our mother’s bed time stories.

My mother told us countless stories but with always only one lesson at the end-the good will always prevail no matter what the circumstances maybe, something that I believe will always hold true. Back to the times when my young and innocent mind and soul were experiences away from witnessing what the bigger world was really like, I knew I had no reason to be scared, and I will forever be grateful for the kind up upbringing I was raised from. Faith feeds courage like an oil feeds a wick to keep the light valiantly fighting the wind to tear the darkness. Maybe I am diving quite deep so I will now swim up back at the surface by telling you stories about my childhood. I couldn’t imagine of a simpler childhood than the kind of one I had-childhood that was away from megabytes and crawling bots and cyberspace. Yes, my childhood will always be a great stop, worth running back to down memory lane. I will never forget those lively summer days full of happy memories. In the eyes of a little boy that I was back then, the trees, the hills, the fields, the birds and everything was a black and white picture that turns into a colorful landscape come summer days. I can still imagine how the dew-kissed grasses feel against my feet while running on the fields barefooted either chasing quails or running with my kite to give it a good take-off, and when I get tired, I would join others hunting for bird nests and haunting eggs for mock cooking at our play house, my father also built us a tree-house with rope ladder and I remember how I always do not let it down when I am horsing around with my younger brother or when I simply want to shut the world down and be with myself inside that humble tree house I call my own  kingdom, when the night falls we would huddle around that magical lemon tree on our front yard which blossoms with multiple blinking lights like hundreds of dancing Christmas lights, I suddenly wondered when was the last time I saw a firefly, and when we get tired, we would lie down the grass and stare at clear summer sky and count as many stars as we can. When we hear our father’s whistle, that’s a wrap and another summer day flips away. We would get inside the house and stuff ourselves with the sumptuous meal our mother prepared with love. After dinner, we would assemble a giant blanket fort, get inside it with flashlights and make animal shadows using our hands, something our father taught us. If we, (me and my younger brother) were good boys and helped with the chores during the day, we were being treated with a beautiful bedtime story by Mom, and off to the wonderland our imaginations wander, walking with the dinosaurs, talking to the fairies, and riding magic carpets and the lead of the stories were usually two young boys (which, I later realized our mother did purposely revised). My mother is the best storyteller I knew and I hope to tell the same stories to my son, which I still remember most, by the way.

Oh time, everlasting time,  why are you so quiet yet so powerful? When will you take me back to those young summer days where everything was so simple yet perfect? Where the skyscrapers were the towering  trees upon the green hills and not the silver high-rise buildings in the gray horizon? Where our playgrounds were the vast green fields and not the concrete, cold pavements nor the busy sidewalks. Where my wake-up alarm was the chirping of the birds and not the annoying digital beeps? And when the summer is over, the heaven cries and our footprints on the dusty earth were being kissed by the the June rain, washing them away but not the memories. There will be another summer after all, yeah it was true, but it will never be the same. Never ever will be. Well I guess I am reminiscing too much and needs to step back to reality. Summer is almost over and here comes June rain. I’ll make a cup of coffee, look out the window and stare at the gray horizon.


Published by: Miggy Neutron

I am Miggy Neutron. In my head are more than one hundred billion brain cells just as much as yours. Hidden in some of these cells are my unspoken hopes, dreams, sentiments, fears, curiousity and thousands of few more unnamed ones sleeping in the center of my subconcious mind which I hope to name before I leave this existence- some, if not all. I once wondered how big my head would have swollen up to if every single one of these thoughts are matchboxes-thus born my pen name Miggy Neutron (inspired by Jimmy Neutron). And why not matchboxes? I love watching cartoons and animes as an adult and I don’t feel an ounce of guilt from it because that is my alter universe. I missed Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Lab, the original Powerpuff Girls and the evil heart of Mojo Jojo. I love watching The Amazing World of Gumball too because I think life in Elmore is very interesting. Though I don’t really like cats as much as I adore Gumball Watterson and his mom Nicole. If you want to see my eyes spark, talk to me about the galaxies, outerspace, the stars, the planets, the massive blackholes and anything from the universe to infinity and beyond. Yes, I am a weirdo sometimes but I also step into noisy bars, party like Jay Gatsby enjoy drinks and get more sober with shots of whiskey. You can stand beside me and talk about how some saturated carbon atoms bind with other elements and how it gets a stranger to come to talk to another stranger against the loud bass in the middle of the crowd. And you will not regret that you did. I am a professional Teacher by accident, a Banker by profession, a seasonal skater because I want to surf recklessly sometimes from where I get a little taste of freedom, and by heart, I am a true-blooded Gemini, not to justify my double sided personality. In a nutshell, I am just like you, and just like everybody else-someone who was born trying to live life and hoping to leave a small mark in the end. And of the billion people born and yet to be born, my fingerprint and yours cannot be duplicated, not even by super Science, and by this I would like to tell you that just like me, you are special. You are special in your own ways and that is the reason why you do matter. You do matter a lot inside this small blue dot called Earth.

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17 thoughts on “Gray Horizon”

  1. Bro. Question. Nagpost ka ba ng picture para ipressure ako na magpost din ng picture? Hahahahahaha

    At kelangan din sa may bintana ka rin nagkakape? Hahahahah nakasideview ka ba nyan?

      1. Hahahahhhaha hay nako haaaaaaa

        Masyado ka ata nagreminisce ng childhood at mukhang namimiss mo ang summer back in our days

      2. I blame the weather. Sobrang saya talaga ng childhood days bro…i will trade 10 years of my life to go back there :'(, meaning if I’ll be off by 70, i’d rather be gone by 60, hahaha.

      3. ha ha ha ha well those were the days and we are lucky to be a part of this generation na nakaranas pa ng ganon diba?

        aba at tag-ulan na…nag eemo ka na dyan ha ha ha

      4. Haha. Ganun talaga, kapag umuulan, minsan, bumubuhos 🙂 Gusto ko nga rin makatira jan sa disyerto para walang ulan, walang emo, pero kwela lang at katatawanan..hmmm, kapara mo..ayiii 🙂 compliment yan ah.

      5. hahahahah ano ka ba…dito kahit ambon lang either nagtatatalong sa tuwa yung mga tao o natataranta ahahaha….

        hui hindi lahat ng nasa disyerto kasing saya ko hahahaha….marami ring emo dito kahit walang ulan….

        aba mukhang may balak ka ata magpunta dito ha

      6. Haha.Exception ka talaga bro. Proud of youu. And no, I dont wanna go there,i do not have thick bear and mustac and I don’t want to be a murderer.haha. jokes.

      7. hahahahahha awts…pinanganak na yata akong ganito…nung isang araw nga tinitingnan ko yung class pic namin nung grade 1, kako grade 1 pa lang ako mukha na akong hindi gagawa ng matino. ha ha pwede ba yung grade 1 class pic na lang ang ipost ko? kamukha ko pa rin naman yung sarili ko eh hahahahaha

        oi wag ka na nga pumunta dito…hindi lang babae ang hinahabol eh hahahah

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